SEO and other crap

To my biggest surprise I still get at least one email every week that is not from a client/prospective client. The number of emails actually is on the rise, (not getting less with time as one would normally expect) and continue to spam my inbox, therefore I feel the need to inform everyone trying to do the same.

I get increasingly annoyed with emails from random “marketing managers”, “website designers” and “SEO experts” offering their nonsense to me. For some reason, these people haven’t realized yet that they never get a reply. (In fact, some of them send me Re: and FWD: in subject line). If you are one of these people, don’t bother. Don’t send me your offers or services because I already have my own trusted contacts.
There is also no need to send an email ‘just in case’, either (especially with “Hi, dear escort” intro! At least, put some effort and insert my name.)

The same goes for free photoshoots/chauffeur/amateur video/shared content offerings. If I ever decide to look out for these services, I will make sure to look for qualified, professional service providers that I happily pay, for high quality.

Other emails requesting me to subscribe/upgrade/join their “Best escort directory” website are also not welcome. If you are the best, you would be on the the first page of Google anyway and 1) I would know about your site already, 2) your site would have enough traffic that would make joining/paying for an ad worth.

If you still send an email, you have been warned. No reply.

Have a nice day X