Know my name? You are welcome, boy!

Today, I thought I share with you one of my screening secrets I developed over time.

Does it matter if you know my name or not when you write an enquiry to me? It’s common sense that Ramy/Jennifer/Tiffany/Rose/Amber/etc is not any escort’s real name, but a nickname, isn’t it? Well, yes. So, it does not matter if you know it or not then, right? Wrong.

There are at least as many escort ads as hotels in London, just too many, you can find one anywhere and everywhere at any one time. It is just too easy to read one, two, three,…10 ads and by the time you finished noting down the numbers of the escorts you like, you already forgot what the lady offers, price, location and her working hours. There is nothing worse when the caller asks each and every thing that is already covered by the ad and then asks, oh whats your name, by the way? I want to check your ad for the photos again (?!). How insincere. And then the same people wonder why and how they made it onto my TW list…

Knowing the name of the escort you want to see is the minimum; it shows that at least you read the ad and know what to expect in terms of services, looks, price and location.

So, you know my name? You are welcome, boy! It’s a good start and means you pass screening filter no. 1.

Have a nice evening x