Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you healthy?
    Yes, I regularly (fortnightly) get sexual health checks at Paddington London, with the help of the Praed Street Project for sex workers (NHS service). Certificate is provided upon request.
  • Can I bring poppers/wine/pizza/knickers/etc?
    Yes. You can bring anything that makes you feel comfortable in our booking.
    Warning! If you bring alcohol that you intend to drink before or during the appointment, do not blame me for your penis not working. I told you.
  • Why don’t you show your face? You must be ugly!
    No, this is not the reason. Another lady in this industry tried to blackmail me in the past so sorry guys I don’t show my face.
    I have pretty young face with very kissable lips, you have to see to believe!
  • Do you answer international phone numbers?
    Yes, however only for limited duration. My preferred contact is email if you do not have a UK number.
  • Are you discreet?
    Yes. I never contact you unless agreed otherwise.
    My appearance is also discreet when I visit you I will arrive in casual/smart dress that doesn’t reveal what we will be up to.
  • Do you have toys/uniforms?
    No, as I find guys don’t request these things, they prefer GFE type bookings with kissing, cuddling and good sex. Therefore I don’t invest in these any more and rather concentrate on giving excellent service to my clients.
  • Can I bring and use my own condoms?
    Yes, of course. It has to be new in original packaging though, in sealed box, you will open it in front of me. And, of course not expired (!)
  • What condoms do you use?
    I use Durex Extra Safe, Pasante Naturelle and Pasante Extra Safe the most often (they are safe, obviously :)).
    Sometimes I use Durex Thin Feel, Durex Flavours, Pasante Trim, Pasante King, Pasante Regular, Mates, EXS and Skyn. My personal favourite is Skyn.
    I hate dotted and ribbed ones.
    I would love to try from Pasante the Bubblegum, Taste and Tropical Taste varieties and from Durex the Ultra Thin feel! Sound so much fun! Feel free to bring any with you for us to try.
    Also, if you are allergic to latex let me know so I get some non-latex ones or bring your own.
  • What lube do you use?
    I use Liquid Silk, Pasante Gentle Light Lube and Durex Play Massage 2in1, and Durex Play Feel and Durex Play Very Cherry.
    I would love to try Durex Tingling lube and other cooling lubes one day!
    Please do not bring any Poundstore or $0.99 lubes, they are crap.
  • Do you have experience?
    Yes I do, been in business for 3+ years.
    Chances are, you won’t surprise me with your request I have seen most things a woman can see in her life! Feel free to ask anything.
  • Do you take last minute bookings?
    No, I stopped taking last minute bookings as I work part-time.
  • Can you give me discount?
    No. I do not offer any discount. If you ask I will block you and you lose the opportunity to meet me.
  • How can I book you?
    Best way to book me is to phone me. If you book an appointment in email or through text, you need to confirm your booking by calling me before or you will lose your appointment. I want to hear your voice.
  • Do you see everybody who wants to meet you?
    No. I choose my clients and if I don’t like you for whatever reason I will not meet you.
  • Can I extend an appointment with you?
    Usually yes, depends on my diary for that day. Extensions happen always on the spot but can not be guaranteed. Fees have to paid upfront similarly to my normal fees.
  • Do you need a driver/photographer/SEO expert/website designer?
    No thanks, I have my own.
  • Do you see Black/Asian guys?
    Yes, all races welcome.
    Many guys also ask this, so for the record I do not differentiate between Black Caribbean and Black African, although health care professionals encourage to do so because of the higher health risk in Africa. I think it depends on the individual, not their country as a whole.
  • Are you on social media and/or Whatsapp?
    No, my life is too busy for these, but I am happy to answer enquiries in email.
  • Do you cater for the disabled?
    For an incall, my place is not suitable for wheelchair users/stick users, there are stairs. For outcalls I am happy to see you!
  • What are the abbreviations? I am new to this.
    On my Services page, you can see the abbreviations and their meanings. Other phrases you might not be familiar with:
    escort = prostitute, expect sex 99% of the time on appointments, although not 99% of the duration of the appointment! 1% of the time no sex at all on the booking, if you are not in the mood and want to chat/drink/eat/massage instead. I am always ready for fun, just for reassurance.
    incall = you come to me
    outcall = I go to your place, either hotel or house/flat. No car meets, no meets in public places.
  • I am old (60+). Will you see me?
    This is the most frequently asked question, please take your time to read it, and let me explain.
    I will see you regardless of what age you are (18+, no upper limit) as long as you are clean, respectful, have sound mind and do not have mental health issues such as dementia that makes you emotionally unstable and/or makes your behaviour unpredictable.
    – If you are more forgetful than normal, please think twice before committing to an appointment as you will need to remember the directions I will give you how to get in/out of my place, not to mention you need to remember you made an appointment and turn up! (or let me in, in case of an outcall)
    – Also, if you ‘hear loud’, meaning you need people to talk louder to you but you do not yet require hearing aid, it means I will need to talk loud to you, sometimes to the verge of shouting regardless of the nature of the words. I like to be discreet and not say inappropriate things such as ‘I will give you oral now’ too loud, because I care about your and my environment/neighbours/next door hotel rooms.
    I am only willing to talk at normal speech volume, if you can not hear me, please get a hearing aid or see another escort who has appropriate accommodation/brothel type house with no immediate neighbours to cater for you.
    – You do not need to be a modern technical expert but you need to have a mobile phone, be able to send and receive text messages and calls, and you need to be able to see these. I assume you already know these since you found me on the Internet browsing! I do not advertise in newspaper/phone boxes/business cards. Make sure your phone is set to large icons/letters, so you can see it. I send address information by text/ you need to send text with your address for outcall.
    – If you worry about your penis not going up, do not worry too much. It happens to young men as well, not unique to the old and not everyone will perform by the clock, say 2pm on a Friday on an escort appointment in a foreign house. I do not judge or discriminate anyone based on their penis size/shape/colour/status. However, if it is semi-hard or limp I will not offer penetration because of the higher risk of the condom falling off. Condoms are not designed for less-than-hard and thin penises, not even the Trim for smaller ones, in my experience, as they all have identical circumference at the ring.
    You need to be comfortable with the idea of oral and/or hand job only in that case, with the usual kissing, cuddling and lovely massage.
    – I have had successful bookings with penetration with old gents (75+) in the past who maintained erection, and when I asked what their secret was, they said they have healthy diet, exercise regularly (walk a lot) and have minimal stress. Also, they waited until they are really horny, up to 4-5months before seeing an escort to give themselves higher chances of success (during the wait, they did not play with it, did not wank, only washed it).
    I believe a few lines/wrinkles on the face and white hair does not make anybody old! Behaviour and attitude do!
  • I am young (18-25). Will you see me?
    Depends on how you come across in your communication. If you show maturity and avoid slang I will be willing to see you as long as you are willing to show your ID (passport, or provisional/full driving licence). The usual be clean and respectful criteria as for any other client applies.
  • I am new in the industry/beginner escort and I want to copy your content.
    I don’t really care, just make sure you rephrase it to suit your own style. I know being a beginner is tough and learning to stay safe is the most important at this stage. I also find escorts who don’t speak English are the ones who copy content. What you cannot copy is my body, trade secrets, my positive attitude, my industry experience and my safety screening methods.
    Also, bear in mind, you are not advised to copy anything from me because local laws and regulations might be different in your area and as a result you might have to advertise/screen/display things differently. Make sure you always check what is applicable to you and use reliable (government/official) sources.

I will be at my best on our appointment, always clean and well-groomed and I expect the same of you. I will offer a shower at the beginning and at the end of the appointment (clean towels are provided along with toiletries in my bathroom).

If you are running late for our appointment please let me know by text that you are on your way and what time you are expected to arrive.

Always remember I am professional and discretion is of the utmost importance.

See you soon