Hello lovelies,

I would like to address an issue today that is not covered and can cause some misunderstanding.

I received a lot of requests by texts for shorter appointments recently and I would like to make everyone aware that I do not offer 15-minute appointments any more. In fact I stopped offering it a long time now and no plan to reintroduce it.

The reason is the abuse of my time. While I have no problem with genuine quickies and feel this kind of ‘speedy’ service can fit perfectly in a diary between longer appointments, I had bad luck to meet guys who use it as bargain tool and then overstay using bullshit excuses.

Had one guy who wanted to shower in a 15-minute appointment (?!) and another who brought a wall clock with him to measure out 15 minutes (!!!).

15 minutes mean you arriving, take off clothes (optional), service, redress, leaving, all in the 15 minutes. Also, guys are expected to arrive freshly showered and not from work, dirty. There is no time for shower in a quickie. Routinely, it means maximum of 5 minutes action and the rest is arriving and leaving. Some guys love to think it is 15 minutes of action and the rest fades into thin air, magically there is unlimited time… and take extra 20 minutes of my time (unpaid), making the total appointment time 30 minutes or more. This is not only rude but also ruins my day, meaning I would be running late with other appointments.

I wish these blokes didn’t lure themselves into thinking I will see them again but some unfortunately did try to call me more times. Of course, blocked, they are. With them, the 15-minute service is gone.

P.S. The quick service was designed for the guy who finishes quickly/can’t do multiple finishes/in a hurry/house is burning/etc.